The Art of Short Form Content: From Concept to Color Correction is an in-depth examination of the craft of creating short form filmic content – a category which includes television commercials, music videos, television promos, movie trailers, digital billboards, corporate videos, and pretty much anything else with a running time under five minutes.

Though short form is an important part of the film industry, it is typically overlooked in books on the art of filmmaking. The Art of Short Form Content fills this industry void by answering the type of questions that working short form content creators deal with every day.

Written by Bryan Cook, a leading short form content creator with over fifteen years of experience as an Editor and Post Producer, The Art of Short Form Content is packed with insights and tips, and is an essential read for students and professionals alike.



“In The Art of Short Form Content Bryan Cook surprises with the obvious: cutting through the noise to deliver a powerful and popular-minded view on our new ways of watching and looking. Filmmakers, advertising agencies, and video content consumers (that is, all of us!) will agree — this book is long overdue.”

Pablo Del Campo – Worldwide Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

“Short form video is more important than ever, and Cook delivers an inspirational yet highly practical guide on how to craft this unique type of content. If you ideate, execute, approve, or touch short form video content in any capacity, stop reading this quote and start reading this book.”

Molly Grubbs – Creative Strategy Lead, Tumblr

Short form video content is born out of the marriage of film and advertising and The Art of Short Form Content takes readers on a journey though the various disciplines of filmmaking – cinematography, editing, music, sound design, visual effects, color correction and more –  to see how they are effected by this union.

  • CHAPTER ONE - Signal Through Noise: The Concept
  • CHAPTER TWO - Tom Cruise and a Bazooka: The Image
  • CHAPTER THREE - Into the Windowless Rooms: On Editing
  • CHAPTER FOUR - Because Tramps Like Us, Baby We Were Born to Run: On Music
  • CHAPTER FIVE - Rise into Hit: Sound Design
  • CHAPTER SIX - Sculpting the Image: Effects and Finishing
  • CHAPTER SEVEN - The Mysterious Art: Color Correction

“In an industry that has experienced a generational shift in terms of visual language, few people understand what’s working and why more than Bryan Cook. The Art of Short Form Content is a great read and, like Bryan, equal parts smart and entertaining with a warm, personal touch.”

Pete King – Executive Producer, The Mill (Los Angeles)

“Short form storytelling is THE dominant art form of our time. How to capture an audience’s attention in a few short seconds is an art form onto itself. Mr. Cook’s illuminating book is a must read for anyone who’s job it is to communicate effectively in the 21st Century.”

Kelly Wollschlager – Vice President/Creative Director, Brand Creative, Participant Media

The Art of Short Form Content is filled with interviews with leading short form content creators from throughout the production world.  Interviewees include:

  • JOSH BODNAR - Emmy award-winning Editor
  • NEIL GUST - AICE award-winning Editor
  • FRANK HAHN - Group Creative Director, 72andSunny
  • ZACH HEMSEY -  Composer for Trailers & Commercials
  • BRYAN JERDEN - Sound Designer for Trailers & Commercials
  • GABE McDONOUGH - Music and Branding Expert, MAS
  • GENTLEMAN SCHOLAR - AICP award-winning Directing Duo
  • JEAN-CLÉMENT SORET - Global Creative Director of Color Grading, MPC


From Concept to Color Correction

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